We’re working with partners to breakthrough the status quo and launch innovative models of service and care.

Homelessness is a complex problem, and it takes a multi-sector service system working together to best meet the needs of individuals experiencing homelessness. The relationship we have built with community (participants, businesses, agencies, service sectors, and community members) is the result of a decade of working diligently with dedication and integrity.


The Health Outreach Mobile Engagement Program (H.O.M.E Program) and London Cares staff

The Health Outreach Mobile Engagement Program (H.O.M.E Program) is a collaborative initiative between five community partners: CMHA Thames Valley Addiction and Mental Health Services, London Cares Homeless Response Services, London InterCommunity Health Centre, Middlesex-London Paramedic Service, and Regional HIV/AIDS Connection.

The mobile health clinic provides accessible, barrier-free, non-judgemental health care to individuals who are experiencing homelessness or are otherwise marginalized and can’t easily access traditional medical assistance. Other services provided by the H.O.M.E Program include navigating the health and social service systems, harm reduction support, infectious disease testing, housing support, basic needs, and referrals to agencies and community service partners.

The H.O.M.E. Program was the winner of the 2021 Pillar Community Collaboration Award.


Partnership with London Cares, Regional HIV/AIDS Connection, and the Congregation of Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada

Through a partnership with London Cares Homeless Response Services, Regional HIV/AIDS Connection, and the Congregation of Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada Hospitality Centre, we have been visioning and working towards creating a community services hub (the HUB).

The goal of the HUB is to invite marginalized individuals, including many experiencing homelessness who cannot access other services, into a space offering deep hospitality where food is offered, showers and laundry are available, and a variety of services are available through flex offices such as income support, applying for identification, housing support, medical care, etc.

The HUB is grateful for grant funding provided by the London Community Foundation, Ontario Trillium Foundation, the City of London, the United Way Emergency Community Support Fund, and the Federal Government Enabling Accessibility Fund.

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London Cares outreach team talking to an individual experiencing homelessness

In 2018, as homelessness was growing in our community, we were asked to be a part of the initial pilot project for Coordinated Informed Response (CIR), through the City of London, to respond to the increasing number of urban camps and people who were sleeping rough. Partnering with the City of London Municipal Law Enforcement, Parks and Recreation, and Roads departments, our role is to provide a compassionate response to connect people to services and engage them towards housing. As CIR became a more permanent program, London Cares added a second permanent outreach team connected directly to CIR.

Royal Canadian Legion

Leave the Streets Behind program

With the support and partnership since 2013, The Royal Canadian Ontario Command, Legion Zones A7 & A5, The Ladies’ Auxiliary and London Cares supports Veterans to find their way home.

We work closely with Veterans to provide an instant connection and a direct link to support and are proudly the first community in Canada to functionally end veteran homelessness. Support and involvement with our program is not a “one size fits all” model – each Veteran is a unique individual and their support needs and support plans are uniquely theirs. We honour those who have served and thank them for their service.


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