The levels of poverty and homelessness in our community have reached record levels and we are undeniably in crisis.

When preventable deaths skyrocket, emergency measures are required.

We stand in support of groups like The Forgotten519 who do the difficult work of calling attention to the systems that have long failed the people we serve together. We will continue to stand with any organization that does the difficult work of saving lives in our community.

At London Cares, we work with Londoners who are most marginalized. Our team witnesses daily the devastating impact homelessness has on people’s physical, mental and emotional health. Since the pandemic started we have seen a dramatic rise in the number of people experiencing homelessness and the tragic decline in people’s wellbeing, with no clear solution in sight. The cumulative impact of the pandemic, the housing crisis and opioid poisoning is resulting in premature and preventable deaths far too often.

One thing that every level of government, every organization and every member of our community can agree on is that one preventable death is one too many and an unacceptable outcome under any circumstance.

We must continue to do the difficult work of facing, head on, the realities of homelessness no matter how uncomfortable the work becomes.

Because housing is a human right.

Cares will remain a collaborative part of the solution and a support to those doing the work until our community is as safe as it needs to be for all its citizens.

With respect,

Anne Armstrong

Executive Director

London Cares Statement of Support – The Forgotten 519 – PDF file