Recruitment Update for Anne Armstrong’s Replacement

Updated March 11, 2024

The board is conducting an independent search for a new permanent Executive Director for London Cares. The independent search will be led by an external firm that espouses values in alignment with London Cares. The Board recognizes that this process will take several months to complete, but a firm will be selected by the end of the month. The Board hopes to have a new Executive Director chosen by the end of the summer.

Our top priority is to ensure the stability and longevity of London Cares while the search for a new Executive Director is ongoing.

Therefore, Anne Armstrong has graciously agreed to stay on in her role as Executive Director on a part time basis until her replacement is found. This arrangement will provide valuable continuity.

The Board of Directors wants to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Anne for her willingness to extend her tenure and for her unwavering dedication to London Cares values and mission. She is a tireless advocate for the folks London Cares serves.

As we look to the future with optimism and enthusiasm, we remain confident that together, we will achieve even greater results.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Anne Armstrong or the Board Co-Chairs.


Kerry McGladdery Dent
Kate Huner
Co-Chairs, London Cares

Cc. Board of Directors, London Cares


October 31, 2023

It is with a mixture of sadness and heartfelt appreciation that we announce the upcoming retirement of Anne Armstrong, the esteemed Executive Director of London Cares Homeless Response Services. Anne’s last day will be April 26, 2024.

Anne’s journey with London Cares has been nothing short of remarkable, spanning seven years of unwavering commitment and extraordinary contributions to advance our organizational mission, vision and values.

Anne’s exceptional dedication and professionalism have consistently set the standard for excellence within our sector. Her expertise and passion for delivering the highest quality services have transformed London Cares from a grass roots start-up agency, into a central player in the Homelessness Sector and a vital component of the Health and Homelessness Whole of Community System Response. Anne’s depth of compassion and her relentless focus on the needs of individuals experiencing chronic homelessness with complex needs are immeasurable.

Throughout her tenure, Anne has been a driving force behind several pivotal projects and milestones that have bettered the lives of those experiencing homelessness with complex needs, including:

  • Ensuring the continuous operation of Street Outreach during the challenging times of the pandemic;
  • Expanding essential services like Resting Space Services and increasing Outreach and Encampment support;
  • Working collaboratively to pioneer initiatives such as the 602 Queens Ave shared service model and the Circle of Support Collaborative;
  • Recently overseeing the opening of 25 highly supportive housing units in partnership with the London Health Sciences Centre, all under the umbrella of the Health & Homelessness Whole of Community System Response.

Anne has both forged and upheld the core values of our agency, rooted in community service and volunteer inspiration, during her tenure with London Cares. Her exceptional skill and  passion for her work have been the cornerstone of her enduring relationships built on trust and respect with funders, community partners, staff, dedicated volunteers, and our steadfast supporters. These relationships have consistently contributed to the overall health of our organization and have had a profoundly positive impact on our community.

Over the next six months, the Board of Directors will conduct a thorough search to identify Anne’s successor as the next Executive Director of London Cares, ensuring a seamless transition. Our focus is to find a dynamic leader with a true passion and capacity to further our mission and uphold our values.

In recognition of Anne’s remarkable contributions, we plan to organize a farewell reception in 2024 to honor her and express our gratitude for her unwavering dedication and passion.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Anne for her invaluable service and invite all of you to join us in wishing her the very best as she journeys toward her well-deserved retirement.

With deep gratitude and warm regards,

Chris McAuley

Board Chair, London Cares Homeless Response Services