What makes London CAReS a success?

What makes London Cares Homeless Response Services a success?

London Cares Homeless Response Services is a Housing First intervention aimed at individuals experiencing chronic and persistent homelessness based on a highly collaborative community-based approach.

As a best practice to ending homelessness, the Housing First approach offers private market, scattered-site independent housing to individuals along with the support necessary to achieve housing stability in their neighbourhoods and community.

How is London Cares Homeless Response Services funded?

London Cares Homeless Response Services is fully supported by the City of London through the London Homeless Prevention System which is aimed at the reduction and prevention of homelessness though housing with support.

The collaborative partnership between Addiction Services of Thames Valley, the Regional HIV/AIDS Connection and the Unity Project for the Relief of Homelessness are funded to provide London Cares Homeless Response Services service delivery.

What is the partnership between London Cares Homeless Response Services and London Police Services?

London Cares Homeless Response Services and London Police Services have collectively identified the most vulnerable individuals in the community with the highest frequency of police contact due to their street involvement and homelessness.

Through a commitment of 24/7 shared response for these individuals, London Cares Homeless Response Services has been able to support these individuals in obtaining housing along with providing the required intensive support to help diminish police contact and begin the process of housing stability.

What is the partnership between London Cares Homeless Response Services, the United Way and the City of London?

London Cares Homeless Response Services provides intensive housing stability support to homeless individuals with chronic emergency shelter use in obtaining a London & Middlesex Housing Corporation unit and working towards housing stability.

This partnership project is funded largely by the City of London as part of a homeless prevention response, which also receives funding from the United Way.

How does London Cares Homeless Response Services support Veterans experiencing homelessness?

London Cares Homeless Response Services Housing Stability program provides support to Veterans experiencing homelessness who are now housed in partner with local Veteran serving groups.

London, Ontario was the host site of a National research project aimed at identifying and supporting Veterans experiencing homelessness between 2012-2014.